4 Updates to Google Ads Performance Planner

4 Updates to Google Ads Performance Planner

by Maria December 31, 2021
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Before we get to know the four updates to Google Ads Performance Planner we should know what the Google ads Performance Planner is and its benefits.

What is the Google Performance Planner?

The Performance Planner is a tool put forward by Google that helps you create plans accordingly for your advertising expenditure.

It helps you plan weekly or monthly according to the market changes. The model has been updated to fulfill all the current marketing conditions

The Google Ads Performance Planner is highly beneficial

● You can have access to your marketing forecast

With this tool, you can analyze your company’s current and future projects, the expected numbers or results based on market research, etc.

● Experiment and explore your outcomes

You can understand your options and possible outcomes through this tool. By regulating the settings of your marketing campaign you can explore the different outcomes in the market.

● Understanding your marketing opportunities

In digital marketing, understanding your marketing options and opportunities and the Google Ads Performance Planner tool helps your company understand the available opportunities in the seasonal period in the market.

● Manage your company accounts

This is yet another important factor in digital marketing. Managing your company accounts even across campaigns is possible with the Google ADs Performance Planner.

Benefits of the Google Ads Performance Planner

Nowadays everything keeps changing in our fast world where everyone seeks to change all the time. Nothing here can be even remotely predicted. In such a situation to plan weekly or better on a monthly basis will be quite beneficial.

This is beneficial because in case there is an update or any change in trends may not affect your campaigns or marketing strategies. So considering the fact you don’t have to take the risk that your campaign might have a poor performance.

The Google Ads performance planner reviews your campaigns’ monthly and quarterly performance and can give you various suggestions for campaigns to perform better with the same budget, it also helps you find out factors like budget and goals in case you change your campaign settings.

How does the Google Ads Performance Planner work?

The Google Performance Planner takes into consideration billions of queries and updates every twenty-four hours to attain the maximum forecasts possible. The Google ADs Performance Planner forecasts conversions with respect to the conversion types.

Also, there are certain requirements to find out whether your campaigns are eligible for the Google Ads Performance Planner.

If the search campaign is the campaign type, your campaign will be eligible if using manual CPC ( Cost per Click), enhanced CPC, max clicks, max conversions, max conversion values, ROAS, target cost-per-action(CPA) bidding strategies, or target impression share bidding strategies.

It should have been running for at least seventy-two hours, should have had three clicks in the past seven days, and have received at least one conversion in the past seven days.

There are several campaigns like shopping, local, app, and display campaigns that have similar eligibility criteria.

Four updates to Google Ads Performance Planner

The latest updates include,

● Add more campaigns

By adding past performances and or adding annual forecasts across your account, it is now possible to add previous ad campaigns that were not eligible on the performance planner.

These can include the campaigns that have been deleted earlier, are in the state of a draft, or have been running for less than ten days.

● Understand recommendation

In the updated version, a new column named “suggested changes” Google will provide detailed suggestions and recommendations.

● Secondary metrics

This helps you understand the changes in the campaigns beyond key metrics.

● Time range

For a specific time range, use a historical conversion rate to get a more accurate approximation of what you can expect within the date range of your specific plans.

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