Google ads Launches new features

Google ads Launches new features

by Maria May 09, 2022
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Google ads launch a new performance Max feature. As the migration or the adaption to performance max campaigns begins, google announces all new features available for this campaign type. Google is pushing the performance Max campaigns on advertisers. It is a fact that these performance max campaigns are becoming a substitute for smart shopping and local campaigns. This new campaign type emerges as one of the new standards, this new feature adding helps all the advertisers because it’s a big change.

The explanation of the new feature: google has introduced 3 new features. These include

  1. One-click upgrade tool
  2. Consumer interest insights
  3. A new customer acquisition goal type

we will go into detail about every feature:

  1. One-click upgrade tool: Google introduced the upgrade tool in phases. A notification will be provided in your google account when the one-click tool is available. You can access this tool from your recommendation page and the campaign page. The first rollout will start with smart shopping campaigns which will be starting in June. You will be also able to use it to upgrade local campaigns.
  2. Customer interest insight: Google is introducing customers interest insights page in google ads. This is an important update that will allow you to see search themes that are driving conversions. This is a really big deal because currently there are no such insights in performance max campaigns. We will give some examples of interest insights: google is launching asset audience insights. This will give you a clear-cut idea about your specific text, image, and video assets resonate with specific audience segments. The last and the latest insight being added to performance max are diagnostic insights. This will help every potential setup issues that can pretend your ads from showing. If Google identifies an issue, it provides you a list of suggestions to solve the problem
  3. Customer acquisition goal: customer acquisition goal type is new to performance Max though it is not new to google ads. Smart shopping campaigns are available for customer acquisition goals. Migration over to performance Max, google is making this available for that campaign type. It allows to do two things:
  • The bidding for more new customers that are almost similar to existing customers.
  • They are cost-effective and focus on optimization for new customers only.

In today’s generation, most customers have multiple devices and they can also interact with many brands on many channels. It understands that the customer’s journey landscape has changed a lot. The one-click feature is meant to make advertisers’ lives easier. It mainly focuses on new marketers

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