Instagram new feature alert: expanding Reels duration to 90 seconds.

Instagram new feature alert: expanding Reels duration to 90 seconds.

by Nandhana Narendranath June 10, 2022
Instagram new feature alert: expanding Reels duration to 90 seconds.

One of the most popular Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has introduced a new feature that includes a 90-second option for Instagram Reels. The company also declared the rollout of its newest feature with an aim to increase the audience engagement of Content creators on the application. The new feature also contains the option for creators to import their own audio files into Reels.

With its new update, Instagram has increased the length of Reels duration up to 90 Seconds from its previous duration of 60 seconds. According to the company, the increase in the duration can offer users a long time to express themselves on Reels. The company said in their blog post that “ You will have more time to share or express more about yourself, film extra behind-the-scenes clips, dig deeper into the nuances of your content, or no matter what you want to do with that extra time,”.

The platform had recently launched Templates which permit users to simply produce Reels by using another one as a Template. The Templates pre-load the audio and clip placeholders so that the users can add or trim their distinctive clips.

Instagram also said that this new feature could help creators to interact a lot with their audience.

The application has also launched a feature that enables the creators to import their own audios directly among the Instagram Reels. The company’s blog also reads that “Use the import audio feature to add more commentary or background noise from any video that is at least a 5 seconds long on your camera roll. Ensure that you just like, however, your voice sounds within the recording as a result of others would possibly use it in their reels, too!”

Instagram aforementioned that the interactive stickers from the Stories are now accessible on Reels. The platform urged the creators to try out these stickers in Reels to help pull in more new viewers who can become a part of the storytelling.

The company ended their blog post by saying that “We will still continue to invest in building new ways for you to connect with your audience and entertain them through Reels. We can’t wait to see what you have come up with and the creative ways to utilize these new tools!”

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