What are the new google business profile attributes?

What are the new google business profile attributes?

by Maria July 11, 2022
google business profile attributes

Google business profile is for local businesses that appear on our daily search result pages and map pages. These are one of the best methods for local businesses to get nearby audiences. It was previously known as google my business listing, it will be always available every time you search for a local service. Thus it is better you go for the option of completing your google business profile.

Let us see what the new google business profile attributes are.

Google business attributes also offer their potential customers to fully understand what your business can offer the customers. The main aim of this method is to get the attention of the customers so that there are higher chances of conversion. They provide us with certain questions, which allows you to answer all these questions before you contact the consumer. It is always worth adding many attributes to the list

There are many types of attributes to help people understand what you and your company offer:

  1. Payment options
  2. Reservation requirements
  3. Offers and discounts
  4. Dining options
  5. Accessibility attributes

Next, we will see how we can add attributes to your listing.

To add the listing, first, you need to go over to your google business account

  1. Then select edit profile
  2. Then we need to go to business information
  3. You need to scroll down the information about hours, links, and locations.
  4. Next click on edit attributes
  5. Finally, add the attributes that apply to you and save.

The process of changing the attribute is really easy but it may take some time to be visible on your page.

Tips on how it works

This is a simple process where you can directly edit details about your business. These attributes are inputted by the customers who visit your business.

  • There are some attributes that are only available in certain countries or regions, or maybe to some certain categories of business. For example, for some shops, there will be different payment options not available.
  • The opinion of the people changes over time, thus the attributes match the way the people search for the business.

What else to do to improve your business profile:

It is important that the company knows how its business profile has benefited the people. The list will appear when people search for local businesses or services. This will come into help if you want to find the address right away. It is always important that the local business provides information like:

  1. Address or nearby shop locations
  2. Days of working and working hours
  3. Phone number or email
  4. Important links like reservation links or booking links

This information can help people to have an idea about the available services or the right type of services or products they look for in the shops.

There are other types of content on your Google business profile

  1. User review: user review is also a public review where the potential customers will take it as an advantage to rate the quality of the service, it is especially used to identify negative comments and make people realize how the situation is handled.
  2. Posts: you can use your profile to express essential information you would like to convey to your customers and update you about the offers available.
  3. Photo: Google profile helps you to upload photos of your venue and can get a better view of the offer.


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