What is Big Data in Digital Marketing?

What is Big Data in Digital Marketing?

by Maria June 17, 2022
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Big Data plays a significant role in Digital Marketing.  Every single day the information which is shared digitally increases significantly. “Data is the King” in this digital era and it’s irreplaceable in every organization and business in their digital marketing strategies. With the huge help of Big Data, marketers can now analyze every action of the consumers. Whereas it provides better marketing insights and helps the marketers to make more advanced and accurate marketing strategies.

But before going into this topic in detail, let us now understand what Big Data is?

Big Data is referred to as a collection of any information including insights. It consists of all the data in large volumes and is used by marketers to examine their sales and customers. It is very large and complicated which is why it cannot be managed by several management tools, particularly traditional data tools.

Big Data also contains a set of data analytics where they can either be user’s behavior or different predictive analysis. It happens when different organizations collect information in a massive amount and then integrate the data. Once all the information is analyzed and processed, then it is altogether known as Big Data. It consists of various features and characteristics.

The Main 4 Features of Big Data.

  • Volume

 The data is generated in a large amount or volume by both the user and also with the help of machines.

So if the machine is generating the data, then it is an automatic process and if the generation is done by the hands of users, then the case is different. It’s a set of all kinds of movements which include the mammoth values and all the financial transactions. And most of this volume of Big Data is generated in Petabytes and Terabytes.

  • Velocity

 Velocity refers to the speed at which all the information is formed and stored. The Velocity of Big Data is considered as the time taken by all the processes like analysis, generation, and integration is calculated and then the meantime along with this it also includes the time at which all the data or information is utilized.

  • Veracity

 Veracity is described as the quality of data and how precise the information is. Big Data and its preciseness and all the uncertainty of the information composed of the Big Data all depend upon this feature. However, it also tells us how trustworthy the information and its sources are.

  • Variety

 The variety of Big Data includes two things and they are: The type of Data and the other one is the sources of data.

There are 3 types of data:

  • Structured Data.
  • Semi-Structured Data.
  • Unstructured Data.

So these types of data are all part of Big Data and they collectively make it. And when it’s concerning the sources of data, then the list goes on as a result of Social media have extended several apps and websites. Therefore, there are a wide variety of sources of data that can be collected. And these sources can be emails, applications like Facebook and Instagram, different websites, smartphones, and so on. And in some cases, the information that forms Big Data is gathered from sources like wearable devices and other social media.

So the information received from all these sources makes up the big data and is the backbone of all the data.

Big Data and Digital Marketing.

Big Data and Digital Marketing are closely associated with one another as a result of their goals. Big Data works on increasing traffic by targeting the right audience. And also helps in arranging campaigns for the targeted audience so that they will come and become permanent. The same is in the case of Digital Marketing. The main purpose behind Digital Marketing is to increase sales and the number of customers by using new marketing tactics and strategies. And both of them are interconnected because of their purposes, which are mainly to engage more people as possible.

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