When to use an AI generated content ?

When to use an AI generated content ?

by Maria July 27, 2022
When to use AI Generated Content

It’s a well-known fact, known only to business owners, that producing high-quality content consistently is one of the best ways to maintain your position at the top of search engine results. But to create quality content it requires a lot of brain storming to bring out interesting topics. People might think that it is an easy task but it is not, for this you need a research topic, find the right angle and the most important thing is to bring it to paper and creating the content in a useful manner. 

Now we will discuss about AI generated content 

An AI generated content simply means a content written or produced by an artificial intelligent body. It may sound odd but it is a natural language generation(NLG). It has been around for about 60 years, but only recently we have been making use of this systems that can automatically generate content just like a natural language. In this process it will create meaningful sentences in a natural form.  

It has been said that in UK press association they claim that they use Al to write about 30000 news articles every month. Other than that the company Open AI created one of the largest language models that helps them create content in different styles. 

Why do you think you should use it? 

There are some debates about the usage of Al generated content. And there are some other people such as data enthusiasts and computer experts who are excited about the capability of the machine learning which can make our work easy and comfortable. It can be of any work, it can be research or content creation or data analysis or metrics monitoring etc. And on the other side there is google that claims automatically generated content as spam. 

We all know that google is a big platform for users and they care about the user’s experience and convenience. For any article, to be on top of the google search engine it is important that the article is unique and provide value to those whose read it. However, Al content tools mostly rely on old and simple trick which were used in the past, it is by rehashing content, swiping words or even using synonyms to make them look unique. but Al generated content has improved over 20 to 30 years. 

Now you will be thinking if Google can detect content which is created using Al tool? This question is hard to answer, but google definitely have the ability to differentiate between human generated and machine generated content.  

It is okay to use AI for generating an article but the only condition is you shouldn’t use Al throughout the article, if found out you will be accountable to pay penalty. It can be used to streamline content which can improve the quality of your articles. For example, if you are a content writer and you are struggling to get an idea about the topic or if you face starting trouble then you can use Al to help you create an outline of your content. 

Other benefits of Al include the ability to gather information from surveys, social media interactions, and pertinent metrics that together can help you raise the quality of your content.. It can also help you to get an in-depth idea about data analytics and other different trends that can develop your content to next level. 

You can make sure to review the content and make it personalised for actual context. You can use Al to create ad copy and product descriptions and if you are using Al to create an ad script then you need to make sure that the one created using Al should be in natural language and make sure it fits the brand type and value. 

It is true that creating high quality content is hard, but there is a certain extent for Al generation it cannot completely take over any task but it can make work easier. It is understood that Al generated content is not good enough as natural language and because google considers it as spam so you might get a penalty if you are caught using Al tools for your entire article. 

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