Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is the term given to animation where words take the main role. Characters and plots may not even exist, but, words, audio, and animation bring together a visually appealing moving picture.

Why is this important?

Motion graphics is not something you see everywhere. It is used mainly in movies and such for credit scenes. Providing something this appealing to your customers (or any visitor of your site) will make your website look amazing. And, as you should know, looks go a long way. Invest and harvest.

Piquing curiosity is the objective. Once we’ve succeeded in arousing the curiosity of the customer, all that remains is to apply pressure. Just enough pressure and they’ll succumb to buying just about any product.

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People like novelty and they will watch a new thing over and over again until they’re bored of it. People are bored of traditional ways of commerce and are moving to digital routes. Look at songs. A new song drops. Everyone loves it. You’ll hear that being played till it becomes boring and people move on. It’s a new song again. It just keeps going on.

Motion Graphics is still a relatively new digital marketing tool. People haven’t seen enough of it. They will be moved by it for quite some time until it becomes overused. Use this to your advantage while its novelty remains. Let go of this chance and you’ll never know when you’ll come across something like this again.

Doesn’t seem like it’s new at all?

In terms of when it was introduced, it may well have been around in some form at least since the 1960s. How is that new? It’s decades old. That’s true. But, not everyone used it in those times. People after that seemed to use it lesser too. It has gained a bit of prominence now in movies and television (for entertainment purposes).

It’s not quite overused just yet. If you were to use its prominence in movies and be somewhat of a novelty to a majority of the people, it could be a real game-changer. Let go of this chance and you may regret it later. It’s not too late at this point.

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