What is Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re the least bit interested in the digital marketing world, you would have come across the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What exactly is this?

To answer that question, we must first look at the whole process of browsing and surfing the internet. Almost everyone makes use of search engines like Google or Bing for this purpose. A search engine brings up a list of results (links) that it thinks are what we are looking for. The links are brought up according to certain algorithms that match our keywords to the most relevant links.

Search engine optimization helps to improve the ranking of a website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). In simple terms, it will bring a link to the first page of the results corresponding to the keywords entered by a person browsing the internet. This helps the link to get a wide exposure to people.

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SEO is not like paid advertisements. Search engines like Google can be paid to advertise your website. This brings your website to the top of the page as an advertisement. This is not organic and you will have to pay to promote yourself. SEO on the other hand is organic and makes use of a select array of tools that makes Google (or any other search engine for that matter) rank your higher in the SERP.

Search engines make use of bots that access your sites and they decide whether the content on the website is relevant to what a person is searching. If it is, it ranks the website higher on the SERP. SEO helps in this process of putting your website on the top. This is especially important in today’s world where people don’t acknowledge the existence of any pages other than the first on the SERP.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

People spend a considerable amount of their time on the internet these days. They might get interested in something and search for it. They might even surf the web to find interesting content. In such a case, a person might get interested in your product and may want to know more about it.

Ranking higher will help your website to be accessed by this person. He might be impressed by your products or services and may end up purchasing them. This is important in improving sales and will definitely be beneficial to you.

People might not always access your website if they are looking for information on something. In the case of Google, it now has a rich result and knowledge panel which will give a brief idea of what the product is about. People don’t necessarily have to click links anymore. But, what if a part of your website comes up in this? This is the magic touch of SEO.

If a person is interested in the product provided in the panel, the person will click on the link provided there. The importance of SEO is undeniable in this age where competitors try to stay one step ahead of you. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing Search Engine Optimization.

Can’t we do it ourselves?

You can try, but, it is a very time-consuming process to learn the techniques of SEO yourself. And, you must always keep in mind that toxins will get you in trouble sooner or later. They will work effectively but, once it is discovered, the penalty incurred will be huge. So, any shortcuts to the top will cost dearly.

Expert help

SEO experts know which niche your website fits into and can tailor the site according to the needs of the customers. This will help in drawing potential customers to your website thus ensuring maximum conversion of leads.

Beneath the surface

SEO has more to it than just somehow magically making your website pop. There is a lot of work put into this by dedicated experts. There are different aspects of a site that make it more favorable to be put on the front page of the SERP — Organizing the website, the ease of navigation, the code underneath the beautiful colors.

While SEO experts may try their best, reputation also plays a big role in the whole process. Your company’s reputation is a very big factor in ranking higher especially to have a place in the panels. Also, there are other elements affecting this including the geographical position of the person browsing and such. There is also optimization of verticals to improve exposure (meaning the type of content that is being searched like images or videos). This is all part of tailoring to the customer’s needs.

We at TGI Technologies, an SEO Company in Perth Australia, are dedicated to providing you the best service in Search Engine Optimization so that you can rest easy knowing that everything is in good hands. We promise satisfaction — yours as well as your customers’.