Google Multisearch : A New Way to Search with Text and Images.

Google Multisearch : A New Way to Search with Text and Images.

by Nandhana Narendranath May 18, 2022
Google Multisearch

Search was Google’s first and foremost product when the company was born in 1998, and so far it remains the most used application, serving billions of individuals or people and process infinite number of queries each day. And it’s one of the services that Google works on which makes them better each day. Google I/O 2022 has embarked on, and Google has declared a few new changes to its most up-to-date Search Engine Innovation, and that new feature is called Google Multisearch, where we can search the web using text and images in the same query, which will make you’re searching and online shopping experience massively better.

It is an added function available in Google Lens which helps the users in a very completely different way to find what they are looking for, it lets us use our camera’s on the phone to search by an image, and then the user can add text to the text box on top of the image search which makes it easy to find a local business in Google Maps and Google Search to ascertain local search results.

Currently, you will be able to use Lens search to acknowledge one object in a very frame and check up on if Google can notice it in some corner of the net. Whereas, that is already massively helpful particularly with each Multisearch and local Multisearch, if you wish to scan multiple things quickly, you have got to try it one by one and which will quickly get exhausting.  That is why Google is adding a full unique approach to Multisearch with scene exploration.

Scene Exploration can enable you to pan your camera during a wider scene and acquire context concerning multiple things within the frame right away. One example is that, Google cites of when this may come in handy is that if you are buying a chocolate candy bar without nuts for an acquaintance and you do not know exactly which one to buy so that you can scan the whole candy shelf and make sure to buy the right one.

How to use Google Multisearch with Images or Pictures.

  • The user needs to open the Google application on iOS or on Android to get started.
  • Then, next, click on the Google Lens camera icon where we can either search by taking a photo or by one among your screenshots.
  • Next, we have to swipe up and select the “+ Add to your search” button on the top of the screen to add text.
  • Next, Google notes the users ought to have the most recent updated version of the application to access the new functionality, and finally, the results will be produced.

With the arrival of this new multi-search feature, the user can ask a question about an object in front of them or refine their search results by colour, visual attributes, and brand. And it has been recently found out that this glorious feature has currently produced the best results for shopping searches and which will increase in the coming future. With the Initial beta launch, the users can do many things which are beyond shopping, but it won’t be the best option for many searches.

This is how this feature works; a number of the Examples are listed below.

  • If you are trying to find an item of new furniture which supplements the current furniture. You have to just click the photo of the furniture using the Google lens icon and add a text just like the name of the furniture with the specification you want in your search query to find the best matching one.
  • Suppose you found a dress that you just like however are not a follower of the colour it’s accessible in. You can just simply take a screenshot of the dress and then add a text of the colour you want, for example, “Red,” in your search query to find the desired dress with the colour you want.
  • Imagine you bought a new plant and you don’t know how to take care of it. Here you may simply just take a picture or an image of the plant and add the text like “steps or directions for taking care of the plant” within the search query to understand and learn more about it.

This new functionality is very much useful for that kind of search query that Google currently has trouble with, where there’s a visual component to what the users are looking for, which is very hard to describe using words alone. So by combining the words and images into one search query, Google has a better shot at providing relevant search results.


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