Top 5 SEO Trends for 2022-2023

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2022-2023

by Mary Staniya March 04, 2023
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The google ranking factors are continuously changing. In this changing world, it may be difficult for SEO professionals to work with bid tech requirements and reach the top of the search engines.

It seems like Google changes frequently like 500-600 times a year. This whole change doesn’t affect the SEO landscape and it is hard for SEO professionals to go along with these changes.

Sometimes Google decides which page to be on top of its SERPs. 98%o internet traffic comes from search queries. The latest SEO practices are a must for your projects and help all businesses to reach and make potential clients in 2022-2023.

Many companies identify its benefits and because of that importance of SEO is increasing incredibly. The top position in SERP is the desire of many companies and it become a tight and fierce competition.

These are the most effective tips to make your website high rank even when Google is changing the factors. There they are:

  1. People also ask:

The popularity of this feature is incredibly increasing in recent years. Google tries to give more information to the users to improve the overall experience of the user.

Adding a ‘people also ask’ feature to your websites will help you to get the interest of your users. For their introduction of these features, the presence of it increased massively.

It was roughly used on 43% of all searches. Mobile users mostly tend to use ‘people also ask’ and 58% of online traffic comes from smartphones in the last year.

The first step was to find the most related and asked question from your question words. If the PPA Question is not effective, they won’t create any changes. You need to check that the queries that you select have relevant questions to the user’s interest.

Your site must be able to get what your user needs and give a complete answer that completes all the doubts of the user. Creating a FAQ  for the content that you want will be more helpful.

  1. Implement Schema Markup:

This will help you with how google and other searches going to understand your content. It will be a crucial feature that helps your site to become featured content.

It helps to create content more attractive and interesting to your users. By the increase of the users of voice searches like google assistant and Alex.

Creation Schema Markup can create the most relevant results for your user’s interest. This is an unavoidable factor. Voice typing only provides one result at a time.

The increase in the use of voice typing means Schema markup will be important in the next years. For SEO professionals, Google itself made a tool called Google Markup helper which is available for free.

Like other social networks, google gives users content that they may feel is interesting. This feature is there since 2017. In certain cases, google drives more traffic than organic search.

Keeping an eye on blogs and other non-commercial pages helps you to get ahead of them. The few features that you should use in your websites to aim for google discovers. They are :

Speed- If a page doesn’t have speed the users mostly dislike it. You need to increase the loading speed on your pages especially if you have a not that popular website.

Relevance- The content that you show to the users must be based on their location, history, and interests. You need to focus mainly on the topic that was the user interested in.

Click-worthiness- They may show the content to readers, then you need to increase the chances they will click on your site.

Schema markup: you should use schema markup or it won’t be eligible for google discovers.

  1. Core Web Vitals:

It became a major SEO trend in 2022. The applicability of core web vital grows faster over time.

There are 3 elements:

Largest Contentful paint (LCP)- to know how fast the user sees your content.

First Input Delay (FID)- how useful your site is to the user’s needs.

Cumulative Layout Shift(CIS)- to calculate the features of your content move around while the user uses it.

To rank top position in SERPs and to give a great experience to user; google use measures like core web vital. The limited impact of core web vital On SEO is confirmed by google.

You can improve it by short the size of the page. As the interest in core web vital increases, it will create a great impact on 2022-2023.

Accelerated mobile pages and core web vitals- This feature is to improve the experience of the mobile user by fast-loading pages. Few professionals have worried about meeting with core web vital. We can assume that Accelerated mobile pages are one of the best moves and it can imply on 2022-2023 SEO strategy.

  1. Follow E.A.T guidelines :

It means Experience, Authority, and Trustworthy. EAT was introduced in 2015 by google as a document that is timely upgraded.

The EAT has risen by a few mentions of a whole section of the report. Gradually google give more importance to EAT. It will play an important role in 2023 ranking factors as you need to understand how its works.

The major 3 elements of EAT( Experience, Authority, and Trustworthy) as complete or partial creators of your content. The author needs to create a good reputation in their works.

 One of the best ways is to create a page about the author or the company as well as other works related to the content.

You need to provide high-quality backlinks to your website. Some other practice is refreshing your content regularly will help you to achieve your aim.

The SEO company in Harrisdale can help you with 5 Top SEO trends for 2022-2023. The Digital Marketing Company in Harrisdale, Australia will provide the best services on these trends.

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